13 Numbers

Telecom Corporate is a leader in Australia's corporate 13 number inbound solutions.

We offer our existing and new customers deeply discounted rates compared to our main competitors. We can do this because we have efficiency of scale and lower over-heads than the big end of town Telcos.

This means you can expect fast, effective customer service plus we won't dump you to an offshore call centre which means we guarantee competent English speaking resident Australian citizens will take your call.

Our high volume turnover means we can offer you a wide range of included features with every 13 number at no extra charge which means more money in your pocket.

Included Features

  1. Itemised Call Records.
  2. Simple Call Overflow.
  3. Time Of Day Routing.
  4. No fee to upgrade or downgrade plans.

Optional Paid Features

  1. Area Based Routing.
  2. State Based Routing.
  3. Mobile Based Routing.
  4. Regional Based Routing.
  5. Post Code Prompting.
  6. Call Forwarding IVR.
  7. Call Splaying.
  8. Business Intro.
  9. Mobile Barring.
  10. Fax2Email.
  11. Voice2Email.
  12. Live Phone Answering Service.

Our Partners

  • Optus
  • NBN Co